Bird Watching in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka bird watching

When it comes to bird watching, there is no other place that has a true bird paradise other than Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka remains the ultimate country around the world where you can enjoy watching birds all year round. The reason for this is because Sri Lanka is blessed with favorable climatic conditions. The birds of Sri Lanka provide a great tourist attraction feature for the country. You can watch birds in jungles, forests, streams, lagoons, lakes, villas and so on.

The remarkable plethora of more than four hundred bird species in the country is down to its good climatic conditions as well as broad array of favorable habitats ranging from lowlands to mountains to forests and dry plains. In academic terms, Sri Lanka boasts twenty three or twenty six bird varieties that are mainly found in the rainforests around the hilly region.

The most appropriate time for bird watching in Sri Lanka lies between November and April, especially starting February through March as this is when more than 198 migrant species reach the region. On the other hand, the most appropriate time for bird watching in Sri Lanka is during the early morning hours with the exception of the friendly parakeets, sunbirds, common mynah, and the crows among others.

The best locations for bird watching in Sri Lanka include the Sinharaja forests and the Horton plains. Those who want to visit Sri Lanka with their entire families can visit national parks such as Uda Walawe, Bundala and Yala.  The places that boast magnificent wildlife and birds also include the rain forests in Sinharaja.

The National park in Uda Walale is very accessible so families can get safaris that can allow them to find the bird species that reside in some of the forested regions and open grasslands in many places. The birds that predominantly live in these areas include the robins, egrets, oriole, babblers and wagtails among others. These are some of the most amazing birds worldwide. The peacock can also be found in a number of areas and appears to be pretty famous as well.

Around the central parts, one can visit the Hakgala Royal gardens, which was formerly relaxation garden for the Sinhala king. Later on, the garden was reconstructed and improved to incorporate a great deal of more biodiversity. Birds in this get a favorable habitat. Some of the most predominant birds in this place include the Magpie Robin, and Orioles. A number of endemic species are also found here and they include the Layard Para Beet and Hangfing Parrot.

In the national parts, there is a wind-swept expanse that is made up of mainly grass and scattered treas. Some of the birds found at the Hotion plains include the Bulbar and Whistling Thrash. These are considered as some of the finest birds that are found in Sri Lanka and the world as a whole. They provide the perfect scenery for bird watching in Sri Lanka.

Magnificent birds of Sri Lanka are also found at the far end of northern Kurunegala. They also offer remarkable bird watching place particularly around the ranges.

The expanse around the forested grounds in Kandalama is also full of bird life. This forms one of the finest bird watching places in the country.

Bird watching in Sri Lanka is a feature that will attract lots of bird aficionados. With more than four hundred species found in various parts of the country, Sri Lanka is a true bird watching paradise.  You can make prior arrangements for the places you would want to visit for your bird watching experience in Sri Lanka.