Sri Lankan Nature

Sri Lanka has immense potential for nature tours especially for nature lovers and natural beauty lovers. Sri Lanka, the beautiful island in the Indian ocean has it all, hills covered with luxuriant tea plants and natural greens, beaches and seashores, acres of coconut palms, dashing water falls, national parks, rice barges, rain forests, rivers, the sea, sandy beaches and many more.

Sri Lanka boasts a rich fauna and flora, as well as stunning landscapes. Sri Lanka’s excellent infrastructure is also ideal for other activities such as hiking, cycling, photography, birding, and animal watching. This small island of 270 km by 140 km in size has everything a nature lover will look for. The highly diversified island differs from city to city, district to district and province to province.

Sri Lanka reminds us of the innermost beauty that remains unexplored within ourselves. Cool chirpy environment relaxes the soul and brings the feel of nature and the joy to live with it. Beaches, sunset and scenic beauty will last forever in the mind which will always call the desire to be there again.