Tangalle Beach

Tangalle Beach is located 160km south of Colombo, around 3 hours by road. Tangalle is much more secluded and relaxed than other coastal towns, making it the perfect spot for a relaxing vacation. Tangalle offers you an authentic look into island living with fishermen carrying their nets full of the day’s catch, mild weather, and fishing boats dabbling out into the sea.

Tangalle Beach is rich in history as during the colonial era; it was a popular port among the British and the Dutch. Remnants during that particular period can still be found scattered throughout the town. You can take tours to catch a glimpse of the colourful culture by visiting the courthouse and the Dutch fort.

Tangalle Beach is the perfect place to take away all your winter blues with its turquoise waters, tall palm trees, and a wide stretch of sandy beaches. It has some of the most breathtaking sunsets, making Tangalle Beach the perfect place to relax, sit, and unwind. Tangalle Beach has been voted one of the best beaches by both visitors and locals. Tangalle Beach attracts many visitors and budget travellers throughout the year. The soft sand on the beach makes it the perfect place for a morning run.

Tangalle Beach was originally a fishing town until 2004, when it was hit by the tsunami. Even though the waters at Tangalle beach are pretty and blue, it is not ideal for swimming as it experiences waves that can sometimes be very violent and quite dangerous. There is a little bay with a shielding reef that gets greater waves and goes about as a characteristic jacuzzi.

Some things to do in Tangalle Beach include:

  • Snorkel and dive. It has some offshore reefs making it on the perfect diving sites.
  • Rent a canoe and paddle to the far end of the water to see the mangroves.
  • Visit Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary.
  • Turtle watching at Rekawa Beach, where you can see the turtles hatching at night.
  • Go Kayaking at the Tangalle Lagoon, where you can surf for a much fulfilling experience.
  • Visit Mulkirigala rock temples, where the temple can be seen hanging from a rocky hill.

Some of the top places to stay in Tangalle Beach include Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort, Shangri-La Hambantota, Coco Tangalla, Turtle Bay, Serein Beach Hotel, Taru Villas-Mawella, and Ananya Beach Resort.

The best time to visit Tangalle Beach is from November to April, and the beach is at the peak of its glory during this time. You could also visit from May to October when there are not too many people at the beach, but the sea tends to be quite rough.

Tangalle Beach is really a haven for people looking for peace. While on Tangalle beach, you can enjoy writing, painting, reading, sketching, and listening to music, undisturbed. You can also indulge in playing beach sports like volleyball, making it the perfect relaxing experience.