Travel by Train in Sri Lanka

Train services are also popular methods of travel in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka train travel and tours are quite slower than most other modes of travel but are generally more comfortable. In addition, there are also the cheapest modes of transport there. You’ll also be able to have a safe journey moving around Sri Lanka by train. Your journey will also be particularly enjoyable as you’ll be seeing different scenic attractions in Sri Lanka.

Starting at the Colombo Fort that falls under the main railway station, passengers will book their journeys to various stops. There are many destinations so you can book train travel and tours for many important stops in Sri Lanka.

Trains are found along the coastal regions stating from the capital to the south of the country to even Matara. As stated earlier, the fares are extremely affordable. For instance, for second class, expect to part with around 200 rupees if you need to travel from Colombo all the way to Galle. The second class is significantly better than the third class because you are most likely going to get your own seat. Those who select third class have to bear with standing for the entire journey.

You can travel by train in Sri Lanka to various other destinations apart from Galle. Train travels provides you with a great method of travelling because you get a clear picture of the country which is not the case when you travel via the road, probably also in fear of your life.

To discover the beauty of the countryside, travelling by train could be the best option even though this might be tedious as the trains are typically slow. It is not possible to book for your seat online, so you will have to get to the islands and get a special for dispensation for foreigners at the Colombo rail station.