The Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka

Tourists flock in Sri Lanka all year round. This is because there are generally great weather conditions in most months but there are two monsoons each year in various regions in the country. The first one affects the rain patterns in the central and south west hilly regions starting in May and ending in September. The other monsoon is a bit weaker and influences the weather patterns in the north eastern parts of the country starting from Nov to Feb.

In case you are planning to have a great time bathing, then you can consider the waterfalls in Ratapura, which is one of the best tourist destinations in the island. There are also verdant green forests that you can go and view. The other place to consider is the Adams Peak, whose view is simply difficult to describe using mere words. So, you will need to go there in person to find the magnificent feeling.  The bracing mountain atmosphere will be mesmerizing. Actually many people consider Sri Lanka to be a haven for quietude.

When it comes to climatic conditions, the best times to visit are the direst seasons which falls between December and March in many parts of the Sri Lankan coast as well as the Hill Country. In the east coast and the city parts, the direst season falls between Apr and Sept. Over the past few years, just like in other parts of the world, however, the climatic conditions have varied greatly. Therefore, you should prepare for dry spells even during the expected wet periods and vice versa.

The best months to visit include December all the way to march. Many tourists choose this time to visit Sri Lanka because most of them escalope the harsh winter in many parts of the world, particularly in Europe. Through the Christmas period, individuals can experience problems finding good accommodation facilities around the country because of the high arrival of international tourists. So, you may need to make prior preparations before your visit.

The local Sinhala celebrations are marked on the 14th of April every year. Sri Lankans residing overseas visit their home country during this period to party together with their families and friends. In addition, lots of tourists join the fray during this occasion to enjoy the customary traditions of the local people. A few weeks prior to the New Year celebrations, there can be flight issues because if the high number of people trying to travel to Sri Lanka for holiday. Therefore, make sure that you secure your flight well in advance if you are planning to visit during this period. There is the local Kandy Perahera festival that is marked in Sri Lanka for ten consecutive days beginning ion July and ending in august of every year. This is also the same period when the south marks the Kataragama honors their traditions. During this time the accommodation facilities may be stretched significantly during and even after the end of the festivals. Then again even if you were to find accommodation, the rates would be normally very high.  Therefore, it is important to book for accommodation services upfront.

The climatic conditions in Sri Lanka imply that the beach period runs from December to December around the coastal regions. However, note that the weather may not strictly adhere to the usual patterns as it can be sunny at this minute and raining in the next one. Rainfall seems to be insistent. The city streets can get floods in a matter of moments. Offseason visits come with certain advantages. The crowds are obviously fewer and the accommodation and flight rates drop significantly.