Kalkudah Beach & Passekudah Bay

Kalkudah Beach lies a few kilometres from Passekudah Bay. Passekudah Bay is located 300km from Colombo and 35km from Batticaloa Town. It takes around 4 hours 40 minutes to get from Colombo to Passekudah by road.

Kalkudah translates to ‘rock bay’ in Tamil. Kalkudah Beach is less frequented by visitors, which provides for serenity when you visit. Kalkudah Beach is much more remote and quiet, unlike Passekudah Bay. It has very few stalls meaning you should be prepared with your refreshments when visiting. Kalkudah Beach was once a very popular destination until the 2004 tsunami, and civil war snatched it of its glory. Kalkudah Beach boasts of one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka with its blue waters and endless golden sands.

Passekudah Bay has shallow coral reefs that are connected to the south with reefs in Kaludah. Passekudah Bay has the best reef systems in the east part of Sri Lanka. Passekudah Bay is a hit with visitors because of its clear waters, which makes it ideal for swimming. Kalkudah Beach and Passekudah Bay are popular with budget travellers because of how affordable they tend to be.

The reefs at Kalkudah Beach and Passekudah Bay are secured, which makes the ocean calmer. You might be lucky to see fishermen, early in the morning, bringing the previous night’s catch to the beach. The vendors from the island are usually waiting to buy the catch.

Things to do in Kalkudah Beach and Passekudah By include:

  • Visit the Coconut Cultural Park, which is lined with coconut trees. Here you can learn the different coconut palms like making rugs, coir ropes, and cooking oil.
  • Indulge in water sports like scuba diving, skiing, windsurfing, deep-sea diving, and snorkelling. There are plenty of guides who are willing to help you with water sports, whether you are a pro or a beginner.
  • Visit Kokkadicholai Hindu Temple, which is an ancient Hindu temple.
  • Visit the Batticaloa Lighthouse, which is a show of the architecture and colonial heritage of the area.

The best time to visit Kalkudah Beach and Passekudah Beach is from March to October when it is bright and perfect for sunbathing. The waves and waters are usually calm during this time of the year. Kalkudah Beach is best for windsurfing and surfing in September as the weather is windy and tends to create high waves. One fun fact is that September is considered the best month to visit the east coast.

Kalkudah Beach is the perfect haven for anyone looking to relax in isolation and silence or anyone looking to have a good time without crowds and noises.