Camping Holiday in Sri Lanka

Camping is an activity that adores any nature lover and the best hide out that one can get from the busy city life. You can feel the soothing effects of the green environs, pleasant countryside climate and peaceful atmosphere.

Most of Sri Lanka’s National parks have facilities for camping and safari. You can take a one day safari or several days, moving from one location to another. The Sri Lankan country side offers fantastic range of camping. Whether you choose wildlife camping or normal camping, Sri Lankan topography will fully thrill you. There is no much difference between the wildlife camping and the normal camping, except the wildlife camping doesn’t get confined to a season or any adventure activity.

Camping is a recreational activity and there isn’t any age limit. Activities such as bonfire, barbeque, mat singing party, night jungle walks and bird watching are all possible or mount a tent on a rock, cave, rice harvesting ground or anywhere where a tent can be set up. It is always a good idea to take your own sleeping bag or mat and other basic camping gears. You should also take a torch, rain gear, insect repellent, a water container and a small medical kit for your own convenience and safety.