What to Wear in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country that is experiencing constant growth in its tourism sector. That’s why a number of tourism centers have been setup while the locals are now accustomed to watching well dressed visitors around different parts of the island, seeing popular tourist sites.

If you need to visit this magnificent island, there are a number of things you need to know as regards your dress code. The most important thing is to pack light. This will allow you to avoid lots of problems during your vacation here. Public transport is never sufficient enough to accommodate those large suitcases. That’s why you need to make proper arrangements beforehand, particularly concerning what to wear in Sri Lanka. You wouldn’t want to experience problems trying to haul a lot of unnecessary things.

Colombo city boasts some of the leading departmental stores as well as clothing malls where you’ll be able to get some decent outfits if you end up bringing very few clothes and you would want to add to your existing collection. The present Sri Lanka dressing mode is decent and you can find some nice clothes that can go well with the latest fashion around. So you may perhaps buy a Sarong as you do your shopping.

When you visit Colombo and its environs, you’ll have the discretion to wear your favorite clothes, which can ensure that you are as bold as possible. However, when you travel around the other towns, be sure to remain conservative. By this, we mean that you’ll need to dress in long t-shirts and pants, which doesn’t expose you excessively.

There are a number of nice restaurants in the capital where you can exercise your social side. While you can wear casuals, make sure that you aren’t too excessively exposed as well. Otherwise, you may end up attracting a lot of unwarranted attention. The other must have stuff include mosquito repellants. The reason is because bugs and mosquitoes will be a common feature in many of the places you tour, particularly at night and around damp regions. You’ll also need to bring some powerful deodorant as you are going to sweat a lot.

When it comes to what to wear in Sri Lanka, it is important to also note that this is a traditionally religious country. What this implies is that you’ll need to dress appropriately especially when you need to enter or go near the local temples. Visits to areas with temples should certainly appear in your list of places to tour especially considering that they form great tourist sites in Sri Lanka all year round. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to present yourself there. In general, you’ll have to be extremely decent when you visit. You’ll have gone against the rules here if you dress in something sexy. However, you can get a sarong here to cover any clothing that may not be acceptable. Also, don’t forget to remove your footwear before entering the temples.

The hilly regions are much chillier, especially during the evening hours. Carry a fleece or sweater with you. In the wet lands, individuals should tuck their trousers in socks to protect themselves against leeches.

In the coastal regions it is good to have sunglasses to prevent the any harm to your eyes from the direct sun rays. You’ll also need to carry casual outfits, preferably those made from cotton. Trousers and long-sleeved shorts will be fine in the evening to serve as a precaution against mosquito bites. You’ll find neither private nor stripped beaches. All the beaches are public and modest dressing is a must.