Koggala Beach

Koggala Beach is located on Matara Road in Sri Lanka, seated in the country’s southwestern corner and only 12 km from the famous Unawatuna Bay. The sandy beach offers a fantastic view with a sun-splashed terrace along the Indian Ocean, making it a spectacular tropical site.

The beach is conveniently situated far away from the hustle and bustle of the urban lifestyle. Koggala Beach is beautifully graced with palm trees, dotting the broad stretch of sand, and is considered to be the longest beach on the island.

There are so many activities around and close to the beach that makes it such a fun destination. The activities include:

  • Visit the Buddhist hermitages for sightseeing and history
  • Go to Lake Koggala  for the adventure
  • Visit the  Martin Wickramasinghe Museum, which preserves the artistic work of the late author and exhibits a collection of exquisite traditions of the place
  • Visit the turtle hatchery near the beach that buys turtle eggs from fishermen to cut down on poaching and consumption.
  • Take a tour above the sea on flights that operate from Koggala airport, and experience animal-friendly whale watching.

Koggala beach has vast blue waters and is mostly known to be the go-to destination for water sports and a good spot for surfing enthusiasts. The waters have an extensive species of fish and are home to sea turtles and white sea sharks. Due to this spectacular marine life, it is, therefore, a good joint for snorkelling, diving, windsurfing, and kite surfing.

If you are in a relaxed mode, you are in luck as there are hammocks and beachside seats that you can lounge on under the sun and enjoy the scenic view with your feet in the sand and coconut in your hands if you so wish. You should also brace yourself for unforgettable experiences if it is your first time at the beach, thanks to the traditional, indigenous fishermen, also known as stilt fishermen. Stilt fishing is a fishing technique where the fishermen at work are suspended above the water, seated on a crossbar known as ‘petta’, attached to a pole, and driven into the sand a few meters off the shore. The unique method of fishing will have you in awe.

Visiting  Koggala Beach in May or December comes highly recommended as the best time of the year to enjoy what it has to offer due to the suitable weather, especially for outdoor activities, even though it is said to have consistent weather throughout.