Colombo District


Colombo is the largest and most populous urban area in Sri Lanka, and also the commercial capital of Sri Lanka which used to be the capital of Sri Lanka until 1978.

Colombo is a vibrant city with a mixture of modern life and colonial buildings and home to a majority of the Sri Lanka’s corporate offices, restaurants and entertainment venues. Many of the major hotel chains can be found in the city, with many of the big hotels clustered together near the sea-front. These hotels have fantastic views of the Indian Ocean and ships coming in to the Colombo harbour.

If you are on a tight schedule in Colombo, various fast food chain restaurants are also available. These restaurants offer quality food at very reasonable prices. You can find many world famous restaurant chains such as KFC, McDonald’s, or Pizza Hut or a lot of Chinese food outlets across the city.


The weather in Colombo is usually hot (around 30 degrees Celsius), with sea-breezes helping to cool things down a bit. However, the humidity is often very oppressive.

Weather wise, mornings and evenings are pleasant but day time can be both hot and humid.


The night-life in the city is confined mainly to the night-clubs in the five-star hotels. Apart from these bars in the hotels themselves, there is a very little by way of quality night-life, though a stroll along the sea-front on Galle Face Green is highly recommended!