Weligama Beach

Weligama Beach is located 144km south of Colombo; it takes about 2hrs 30 minutes by car, and 5 hrs by bus. Weligama is around 40 minutes from Galle and 15 minutes from Marissa. It is widely known as a surfing and fishing town.

Weligama translates to ‘sandy village’ because of its golden sandy beaches. In addition to its golden sand beaches, Weligama Beach boasts rich green tropical gardens that may be observed when walking along the small trails and taking in the local culture. Weligama is made more attractive with a tiny island called Taprobane. It is sheltered by a dense covering of luxuriant tropical trees.

Weligama is considered a surfer’s paradise because its gentle waves make it the perfect location for beginners. Weligama Beach is very child-friendly, meaning you can always take your kids with you to learn how to surf. Weligama Beach has plenty of surfing schools where you can take surfing classes. 

Weligama Beach is the go-to place for anyone who wants to go to the beach. Weligama Beach is the most visited beach in Sri Lanka, which goes without saying that it is a paradise with its turquoise blue waters.

One fun fact about Weligama is that there is a statue that still stands proudly, on the western side of the town, of a king who remains unidentified to this day. Another fun fact is that the fishermen at Weligama have a unique style of fishing that has been passed from one generation to the next. Fishermen on stilts with fishing rods in hand, seated stationary on the cross arm, waiting like a curious bird, is their fishing style.

Some of the activities you can indulge in when you visit Weligama Beach include:

  • Surfing. It’s the ideal spot in Sri Lanka for learning to surf and catching your first waves.
  • Visit the Weligama Bay Dive Center, where you will get to see beautiful dive sites.
  • Swimming and snorkelling at the beach. Weligama has shallow coral reefs making it perfect for observing marine life and a wide array of fish.
  • Visit the snake farm that has up to 15 different species of snake.
  • Going whale watching during the sunset, especially between October to April.

Weligama Beach is best visited between October and March when the sea is quiet, and the weather is pleasant.

When looking for a place to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city, Weligama Beach is the place to go. At Weligama Beach, you will get more than enough space to soak in the sun or go swimming in the refreshing waters.  It is a peaceful and calm place for anyone who wants to relax. The beauty of Weligama is that it is untouched by mass tourism and relatively uncrowded.