Kalpitiya Beach

Kalpitiya Beach is located in the northwestern part of Sri Lanka,  around 160km from Colombo. It takes about 4 hours to get from Colombo to Kalpitiya via road and around 5 hours via train. Kalpitiya Beach can easily be accessed from Kalpitiya Lagoon on a boat.

Kalpitiya Beach is known to be a whale-watching paradise. The best time to go whale watching is very early in the morning, as early as 7 am. You will get to see dolphins and whales as they show off their playfulness. February to March are the best months to see the dolphins and whales.

One fun fact about Kalpitiya is that it has 14 islands in the lagoon and sea. The islands are Battalangunduwa, Vellai I, Vellai II, Vellai III, Ippantivu, Sinna Arichchalai, Eramutive, Eramutivu West, Mutwal, Palliyawatta, Uchchamunai, Periya Arichchalai, Sinna Eramutive, and Kakativu.

Kalipitiya has colonial significance and historical value as it was a common former smuggling hub and maritime trade during Sri Lanka’s pre-colonial past. Kalpitiya has preserved its history where you can visit St. Peter’s Kerk, formerly the Dutch Reformed Church, where the region’s Dutch and Portuguese legacy is well kept alive.

Kalpitiya is home to a natural environment and magnificent marine sanctuary that is unmatched. Kalpitiya has rich biodiversity and is considered among the few untouched coral reef systems in Sri Lanka.

Kalpitiya Beach remains unspoiled by the neighbouring fishing community and tourism. Kalpitiya is regarded as a secluded slice of paradise with breathtaking natural beauty that is largely undiscovered by tourists. However, in recent years, Kalpitiya has been quickly rising to be a well-sorted tourist destination in Sri Lanka.

Kalpitiya Beach boasts a spectacular view of the blue ocean, a virgin island, and beautiful golden sand.

Things to do in Kalpitiya Beach include:

  • Go whale and dolphin watching where you can see the dolphins playing in the water. You can witness up to 1500 dolphins at a given time. Kalpitiya’s dolphins include some rare species like bottlenose, indo-pacific humpback, and spinner dolphins.
  • Go diving and snorkelling.
  • Visit the Bar Reef Marine Sanctuary, which boasts of an exquisite coral reef system.
  • Go on a canoe trip across the Kalpitiya Lagoon.
  • Take a jeep ride along the golden sands on Kalpitya Beach.
  • Go kite surfing. Kalpitiya is the number one kite surfing spot in the whole of Si Lanka.

The best time to visit Kalpitiya Beach is from October to March, which is generally considered dry months, and from December to April for whale and dolphin watching.

Kalpitiya Beach is the place to be, whether you plan on taking part in water activities, dipping in the water for fun, or sunbathing on the sandy shores. Also, you can have the chance to see dolphins and whales, which is something you don’t get to visit daily.