Hikkaduwa Beach

Hikkaduwa Beach is located in the southwestern part of Sri Lanka, around 100km from Colombo, taking around 2hrs by road or by train, which takes about 4hrs. Hikkaduwa is more centrally position and is the perfect location that connects Colombo, Pittiwela, Galle, Akurala, and Boossa.

Hikkaduwa Beach is known to have a charm that will make even the oldest person feel young.   It is also a very carefree place. Hikkaduwa Beach attracts mostly young travellers who you will always find strolling on the Beach.

Hikkaduwa Beach is one of the few beaches in Sri Lanka that remains unspoiled, making it perfect for travellers who want to explore the path less travelled. The coral reefs are appreciated since they were once eroded by the tsunami.

Hikkaduwa has been attracting visitors since the 1960s, making it one of the major tourist spots in Sri Lanka. The Beach is an adrenaline spot with all its water sports like surfing, diving, and snorkelling. Hikkaduwa is considered one of the best surfing spots in Sri Lanka, with waves varying in size from 4 to 11 feet.

Hikkaduwa Beach has a wide variety of restaurants that attracts both visitors and locals. Hikkaduwa Beach is perfect for both family and solo travellers. The destination is a sanctuary for enjoying some exciting activities while also relaxing.

Hikkaduwa Beach has amazing nightlife, restaurant choices, and perfect accommodation choices that cater to any traveller. Hikkaduwa Beach has several surf schools that cater to those who want to learn how to surf and even those on an expert level.

Hikkaduwa Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Sri Lanka. Hikkaduwa Beach is characterized by palm trees lining the shore, clear blue waters with the backdrop of the sun. The waters at Hikkaduwa Beach have a variety of sea life including, warm-shelled turtles, beautiful corals, and different species of fish.

Some of the things to do in Hikkaduwa Beach include:

  • Go whale watching.
  • Enjoy yoga on the Beach in the morning.
  • Ride in glass bottom boats to explore reefs without getting into the water.
  • Enjoy the nightlife at the bars and restaurants near the Beach. Party while near the ocean is a whole another level of experience.
  • Participate in water activities like snorkelling and scuba diving which are the main activities in Hikkaduwa Beach.
  • Swim with the turtles.
  • Enjoy local cuisines, especially fresh seafood.
  • Explore Sri Pushparama Temple, which is a great place to learn about Buddhist philosophies.

The best time to visit Hikkaduwa Beach is from November to March to enjoy a good surf and hot sun rays. Even during the peak season, food and accommodation prices remain reasonable. Be careful when walking too close to the water as the waves tend to get too strong. 

Hikkaduwa Beach is the ultimate spot for resting and taking a breather. This Beach is perfect for family vacations, playing in the water, and enjoying beach games.