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Honeymoons in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is increasingly becoming one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. In fact, it has been a true romantic place for many centuries now. For instance, the Romans considered it as a Taprobane. This was the region where Sinbad is said to have cleansed its magnificent maidens, drawing inspiration from the magnificent Sirigiya paintings.

It’s a broad range of luxury Sri Lanka honeymoon restaurants and hotels, beautiful beaches as well as romantic sites. Around the cultural Triangle, spouses can enjoy champagne as they ride a hot air balloon while moving around the Sigiriya fortress, which is sometimes also referred to as the Eighth Wonder in the World.

Luxury hotels like the Kandalama and Jetwing VilUyana boast magnificent spas that provide the ideal relaxing massage and treatment. You can pastime while being treated through native methods like herbal baths and hot oil advances.

Around the tea country, honeymooners can take walks via green tea plantations while enjoying the calmness of residing in luxury hotels. All the rooms in the hotels are well decorated. They are also equipped with log fires for honeymooners, who can also take advantage of the beautiful teas that are founded on the high lawns. Individuals can take long walks through striking landscapes, where you will come across tea puckers as well as very social locals on the way.

For individuals looking for more stunning types, there are luxury safeties at the national park in Yala where one can find attractive alternatives. For instance, couples can take delicious meals in very cool tents at night. The effect is enhanced by the presence of good beds as well as warm showers. The attractiveness of the local safari is precious especially considering that Sri Lanka is one of the best regions for leopard sporting. You’ll also be able to view pythons, sambar dear, wild boar, and even elephants.

You can then take a trip to Tangale to enjoy its natural beaches plus coves. Most VIP honeymooners and couples choose this side of the country to stay for a number of ways before they take time to travel to other stunning parts of the country as well. Individuals can make arrangements for helicopter flights from Colombo. Once here, one can stay in one of the many striking luxury villas or at boutique hotels, which continue to act host to thousands of honeymooners year after year.

Couples might want to enjoy their honeymoon at the beach or pool, taking romantic dinners and enjoying the tropical sun of Sri Lanka. The waters are extremely clear especially starting November through March. This is the best time for snorkeling.

The inland region starting Galle also provides a romantic environment for honeymooners as it has boutique restaurants and hotels designed among g tea plantations giving you a beautiful view around the surrounding paddy and jungle areas when relaxing in your room. The rooms are deliberately made confidential and perfect for individuals who need a sense of ambience and secrecy. They have showers that are made with an open roundel over them giving you the ability to view the glittering starts at night. There are different suitable beach hotels that can often prepare some exceptional candle lit dinners for couples.

For couples, a flexible and extraordinary way to move around the island is by helicopter or seaplane. When you fly you find a great sense of diversity and beauty of Sri Lanka. The beauty of Sri Lanka honeymoon holiday revolves around the finer details, which can include the stunning flowers that adorn hotels, the sociability of the locals and the overall amazing scenery.

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