Parks and Gardens in Sri Lanka

Admire the colourful displays of flowers, watch a band play in the park, sit quietly by the river, play with your children, walk in the shade of trees and discover secret wildlife. The lush green plants, the colorful flowers, the juicy fruits, the soothing waters are something very exotic to experience Sri Lanka’s true graceful charm.

Sri Lanka is a green, luxuriant tropical island with beautiful beaches, misty mountains and significant archaeology. Sri Lankan gardens are famous for bird watching and as well as for the lush tropical flora.

Sri Lanka is also well known for its spice gardens; cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, nutmeg, clove, curry leaf trees. These spices are mainly used in delicious Sri Lankan food and also used medicinally. Cinnamon is native to the island. The highlands of Sri Lanka have tea estates and Sri Lankan tea was called Ceylon tea as Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon until 1972.