Sri Lankan Visa – Tourist

Sri Lanka is a great destination for tourists. But one requires a visa to enjoy a trip in this country. Applying for the visa is easy and can do be ne online. The application is sent to the Ministry of migration through Electronic Travel Authorization. You have to do this before travelling. Visit  to apply. Electronic Travel Authorization is same as Tourist Visa only that it is electronic. It is suitable for tourists and other travelers who want to enjoy short visits in Sri Lanka. It is easy and there are no documents required.. After filling the form, click add to cart and it takes you back to the page where you can fill details about other people that you are planning to travel with. You can select to fill apply for another visa or just use the same form. To confirm your order or remove any of them, click view cart. Then CHECKOUT when you are through. Provide all the information required and you will receive an ETA notification

Tourists to visiting Sri Lanka have to make $50 after going through the ETA process. Young kids who are below 12 years are not charged. Just provide their details when apply for the visa. The visa given is applicable for 30 days after arriving in the country. But one you can extend the visa if you want to spend more time in the country. This is only allowed a maximum of six months from the date of arrival. It is a Double Entry Tourists visa.

It is wise to be advised about visa requirements. They can change and the visa procurement has to be done by the person who wants travel. Travel with a passport that is valid for around six months or longer than that.

Diplomatic passport holders should also apply for ETA. But when going for official government visit, apart from their personal purposes, they must apply in a Sri Lanka diplomatic mission office.  Personal visits include either of the following:

  • Visiting family and friends living in the country
  • Vacation and touring various parts of the Sri Lanka as a tourist
  • Seeking treatment
  • To enjoy sports and local performances
  • Business trips
  • Attending seminar, conferences and workshops

There are some documents that you will require to enjoy your stay in Sri Lanka. This is checked once you get in the country. You have to download the filled application. A passport that is valid is also compulsory. For government officials they must produce a formal note that will describe the purpose of their stay in Sri Lanka.

Applying for a visa online can also be done through a third party. It is possible to ask a travel agent, relative, airline or friend to apply Electronic Travel Authorization. It is a simple process and all you have to do is contact you’re the third party. Let them know you want to apply for ETA. Fees for processing the visa can be paid using Master or Visa cards. An acknowledgement is sent after the request is received. You can check the application status by logging in the ETA site.  Be sure to keep a copy of the acknowledgement sent to you after the application.