Anuradhapura District


The Anuradhapura district is located 128 miles (205 km) from Colombo and is in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. Ancient Sacred City of Anuradhapura is considered as the birthplace of Sinhala civilization and is the Sri Lanka’s first capital founded around the 4th century BC. Anuradhapura district continued as the national capital for over six hundred years reminding one of the most stable and durable centers of political power and urban life in South Asia.

Today this ancient city of Sri Lanka, is famous among Buddhists, historians and archeologists for its majestic history. Anuradhapura is well-known for its vast Buddhist ruins and the bo- tree grown from a slip of the tree under which the historical Lord Buddha is said to have reached Enlightenment.

Anuradhapura is a world heritage city declared by UNESCO and is in the Cultural Triangle.  Anuradhapura is a fascinating district with ruins of huge temples, palaces, monasteries, ornate bathing ponds, statues, many tanks, wildlife, irrigational network and more over for its humble farming community.


Anuradhapura is in the dry zone of Sri Lanka and it can be very dry and hot in the district. It is advised to drink a lot of fluids while travelling around the district to avoid dehydration. Most days are hot, humid and sunny with temperatures averaging between 27 ~ 35°C. A hat and sunscreen will be essential if you are planning to spend the day outdoors.