Travel by Trishaw in Sri Lanka

Travelling in Sri Lanka by trishaw is common with adventure travellers. Adventure tourists from different parts of the world who have never been to Sri Lanka before m find the trishaw to be a really enjoyable mode of travelling around the country. They board the three-wheeled drive and travel to different parts of the island, braving many untold discoveries.
The trishaw offers one of the most common means of travelling around the country.  They bear a resemblance to taxis even though they are quite cheaper. They tend to overcharge foreigners; therefore it is important to make sure that you know the right fares for particular places.  Make sure that you also bargain properly and plan to part with around 60 rupees for a short journey. In case they have a meter with them, make sure that they make use of it.
Travelling by trishaw in Sri Lanka can be a great adventure. Even when you need to move around the city you can travel by trishaws as they have bold drivers who manoeuvre their way out of the jam and reach your destination in a matter of moments.
Trishaw transport is popular in Sri Lanka because they are small, quick and cheap. The auto is typically cheap and can be operated by a number of people. So, it provides you with the best option especially when you need to hurry. Because it can move to any place in Sri Lanka, it is a handy method of travelling around the country.

You will get to the services of a trishaw by standing by the road and waving once you see one passing. Alternatively, you can simply find a number of trishaws at a junction waiting for travellers like you. Always make sure that you are positive as regards it driver.