Boat Safaris in Sri Lanka

Guided boat trip safaris at Bentota lagoon or at Koggala lagoon are popular among both locals and tourists in Sri Lanka. If undertaken at the right time, the boat safaris in Sri Lankan lagoons may prove to be very enjoyable.

If you are a nature lover and looking for adventure, a trip to Sri Lanka would not be completed without a boat safari, or a boat trip along the river Bentota which gives you totally different perspective of wildlife and the wild natural surroundings from inside a boat!

Bentota River Boat Safaris

The safaris start at the last section of the broad River Bentota (The Bentota lagoon), and cruises inland. The Bentota lagoon scattered with small islands and natural landscape provides tangled mangrove swamps. The boat men will meander through the islets and mangrove swamps located haphazardly on the river. Your sight will be mysterious and beautiful at once, as you cruise through shaded waters beneath huge roots. The longer you need to explore, the further upriver you want to cruise, the more unspoilt the scenery becomes. Aquatic birds-herons, cormorants & colourful kingfishers and water monitors & crocodiles can be seen during your safari.

Most cruise trips are for three hours while the Dinner Cruise lasts for 5 hours. It will be a fun experience – a combination of thrills and wild water that is sure to be a highlight of your Sri Lankan holiday.

Madu River Boat Safaris

Balapitiya Madu River (Madu Ganga) Safari is another beautiful place to do boat safaris due to picturesque landscapes, beautiful wildlife with many different species of birds, echo system and the very high diversity. Although inhabitants claim that there are about 64 small islands in Madu ganga there are only 15 true islands which are surrounded by water throughout the year.