Jaffna Beach

Jaffna town is found in the northern part of Sri Lanka. Even though it is still recovering from the civil war that took place until 2009 and is still quite unmodernized, Jaffna has grown to a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka. Jaffna is a town that is rich in history and geographical experiences, making it a well sort out destination.

Jaffna is not necessarily a beach destination, but 33 km from Jaffna town, you will find Casuarina beach. You can access Casuarina Beach using either public or private transport, which takes around 45 minutes to get there. The beach is accessible from the mainland through the Ponnalai Causeway. The drive to Casuarina beach is usually scenic, with miles of water and saltpans on either side of the road.

Casuarina beach got its name from the whispering casuarina trees. Casuarina beach is famous for day trips when all you want to do is go for a lazy swim. Casuarina Beach is one of the most picturesque spots because of its crystal clear waters, and it is also free of pollution of any kind.

Casuarina Beach is one of the safest beaches in Sri Lanka because of the absence of strong current waves and its shallow waters, making it ideal for people of all age groups. You can also venture into deep waters accompanied by a professional or the local fishers.

Jaffna town gives one a different look into the Sri Lankan way of life. It has restaurants that are distinctive to Jaffna cuisine, with prawns being a specialty. However, one fun fact about Jaffna town is that the nightlife is pretty much non-existent.

Some of the things to do in Jaffna include:

  • Visit Kadurugoda Temple that is characterized by pretty miniature stupas, with only 20 remaining that cover less than an acre of open space and are shaded by palmyra trees.
  • Take a walk at Casuarina Beach.
  • Visit Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil, which has been a long-standing symbol of faith for many religions in the region.
  • Visit Jaffna Fort that is one of the last well preserved colonial ramparts in Sri Lanka.
  • Eat at the Mangos Indian Veg Restaurant that specializes in curried vegetable dishes.
  • Visit Jaffna Market that is filled with exotic souvenirs that are hard to come by in other parts of Sri Lanka.

The best time to visit Jaffna is from January to September. Jaffna is one town that is lavishly abundant, making it the perfect place to go create memories. Jaffna is rich in an ancient culture that is interesting, and it also draws tourists who come to visit its beaches and bask under the sun.

When visiting Jaffna, Casuarina beach is a must-visit because of its soothing sand and relaxing waves. It is also away from the cities, meaning by the time you leave, you will be feeling super refreshed.