Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka boasts a large number of rivers and streams, including around the central hills, but they all end up at the foot of the Indian Ocean.  There are some very impressive waterfalls in Sri Lanka.

Detailed below are some of the beautiful waterfalls Sri Lanka has to offer, however not all waterfalls in Sri Lanka can be viewed with ease as some are surrounded by thick forests:

Aberdeen Waterfalls

Located 5km from Laxapana, this waterfall is 322 foot high.

Baker’s Waterfalls

Discovered by Sir Samuel Baker, this waterfall makes an excellent stopover on the way to the World’s end.  This waterfall gets its water from the Belihul Oya.  Sometimes the rare black monkey can be spotted and if you are very very lucky you will see rhododendrons in bloom.

Bopath Ella

Situated in the surrounds of the village, Devipahala off Kuruwita.  It is possible to get to this waterfall within 3 hours of driving from the capital, Colombo.  This waterfall gets lots of visitors as they enjoy how the waterfall takes the shape of a “Bo” leave.  A “Bo” tree is a sacred tree in Sri Lanka.

Ravana Ella

Located in the dry zone of Wilimada.  .  It measures 131 foot tall and is in the Uduhawara village.  This is a beautiful waterfall and provides water to the local village people.  As it provides much needed water for growing vegetables. which is the main income of villagers.

St. Clair’s Waterfall

Names after a British colonist.  This waterfall lies close to the main road from Avissawella to Nuwara-Eliya and this waterfall can be seen from the Main Line track.  This waterfall is very popular for bathers as it is very reachable and easy to get to from the footpath.  This waterfall is at threat by a proposition for a hydra-power scheme in the local area.

The Lovers Leap Ella

This waterfront can be seen from the town of Nuwara Eliya.  It is 100 feet high and this impressive waterfall begins its journey as a fountain at the Southern slope of Sri Lanka’s highest mountain Pidurutalagala.

Hellboda Ella Falls

This may be a simple waterfall but it is still very attractive and is located by the side of a track heading to N’Eliya, east of Pussellawa.

Ramboda Ella Falls

A very impressive waterfall having three parts to it.  The first part measures 100m, second part is 3m and the third part measures 100m.  Tourists travel to the “Ramboda basin”, where “Ramboda Inn” is located.  This waterfall can be seen in its entirety from the famous inn.

Dehena Ella Falls

Located along a road from Rathnapura to Alupolla it measures 131 feet tall.  Because of where the waterfall is located it is often used for bathing.  The basin beneath the fall is remembered by all and a great experience for bathing, however there are warnings because there is a big danger of getting hurt and drowning.

Bombure Ella Falls – Ramboda

Located in the village of Parawella.  This waterfall measures 164 feet.  In drought season the waterfall can dry up, but during rainy seasons this is an impressive and very big waterfall.

These are just a small sample of the waterfalls in Sri Lanka.  Others include The Galdola Fall, Dhuwill Waterfalls, and Demali Falls.