Best of Sri Lankan Handicrafts You Must Buy

Sri Lankan Handicrafts

There’s something undoubtedly magical about Sri Lankan handicrafts. Unique, intricate, eye catching and expressive, each item has a story behind it. It’s impossible to come to Sri Lanka and return home empty handed.
There are so many Sri Lankan Handicrafts you can buy that it becomes almost impossible to create a list. From small wood work to large stone craft, the list is long. Some handicrafts you can buy are metal craft, stone craft, textile, jewellery and wooden handicrafts. Rural Craft workshops play an important role in the making of such exotic handicrafts and arts.
Finely carved and inlaid wooden items, lacquer work, wood sculptures, statues have a very distinct style. Wood carving is a very well known art in Sri Lanka that is a tradition for craftsmen. These unsung artists make decorative handicrafts such as figurines, and other home display materials and other furniture. Wooden furniture are mostly used and exported from Sri Lanka which is one of the sources of living for lots of Sri Lankan residents here.
Sri Lankan metal craft is of gold, silver, copper and brass. You can buy enamelled jewellery, handcrafted utensils such as finger bowls, wine bowls and ornamental boxes. All these items are handcrafted with engravings on them. There are also utility items that can be made by brass and silver such as trays, lamp stands, oil lamps and wall plaques. These are very common in Sri Lanka and every home; one will definitely find these silvers and brass around the house.

This is truly a country where almost everyone is a natural born artist and makes a living out of their creativity and patience in doing artworks such as these.