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"Sri Lanka, often seen as the tear drop in maps, truly lives up to its depiction. A visit to Sri Lanka will give you emotions of greatest happiness – sincere and friendly people who always go out of their way to help visitors, the sights that simply bring a tear to your eye, the nights that keep you wide awake with entertainment that spans all ages and tastes, the festivals of jaw dropping colour and light, the feats of ancient architecture and engineering, the history that spans years of the faith and love for the country.Whether you spend the time sunning in the beach, trekking the mountain paths, visiting the hill country or simply enjoying all she has to offer; from the moment you step into it, you will be one with nature and truly have a life changing experience. For when you go to Sri Lanka, you are not just visiting Sri Lanka, you are actually living Sri Lanka."
What to Do

Things to do in Sri Lanka. There is simply nothing a tourist could not do in Sri Lanka except for snow sports of course.


With an amazing nature & wildlife; Sri Lanka is an island of surprise and something new literally awaits you around every corner.


Share your knowledge about Sri Lanka, a geographically diverse country with a rich cultural history dating back 2500 years.


What and where to buy when you are in Sri Lanka. Find out the best shopping destinations and the best souvenirs available.

Food & Drinks

An amazing range of indigenous food, complimented by age old culinary traditions and fresh ingredients and spices.

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